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            Real Estate Transactional

            Real estate law is one of the main focuses of our law firm. The real estate attorneys of Salter Feiber, P.A. provide individuals and businesses with skilled representation in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate law. We can be your most valuable resource on transactional real estate matters including:

            Contract Preparation

            Our knowledgeable real estate attorneys can assist you in preparing commercial and residential real estate contracts and leases, as well as performing closings and title work.

            Our attorneys are title insurance agents and work with the Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. and First American Title Insurance 爱心彩票网客户端下载, as well as Chicago Title Insurance 爱心彩票网客户端下载. We have the distinction of repeatedly being named one of the top 25 producers in the state of Florida for the Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund – an accomplishment we are proud of!

            Closings and Title Insurance

            The purchase or sale of commercial or residential property is one of the most important transactions of your life. It is crucial that you contact a skilled real estate lawyer爱心彩票网客户端下载 who can protect your investment and preserve your interests. We have represented thousands of clients at real estate closings throughout North Florida. Our attorneys work with Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc., First American Title Insurance 爱心彩票网客户端下载 and Chicago Title Insurance 爱心彩票网客户端下载. We have a comprehensive understanding of real estate title laws and assist clients in achieving successful real estate transactions.

            We organize and prepare all necessary documents, initiate property title searches and quiet title actions, resolve any contract disputes that arise and represent our clients at closings.

            Our real estate closing and title insurance practice includes:

            • Residential Real Estate Closings
            • Commercial Real Estate Closings
            • For Sale by Owner Closings
            • Title Insurance
            • Contract Preparation and Negotiation
            • Association Law
            • Breach of Contract Claims
            • Title Searches
            • Quiet Title Actions
            • Title Defects
            • Title Claims
            • Condominium Law and Conversions

            Short Sales

            If you can no longer afford your 爱心彩票网客户端下载 and are hoping to avoid foreclosure, a short sale may be the answer. Short sales are more complicated than a traditional real estate transaction so it’s important to have an experienced attorney representing your interests. At Salter Feiber, P.A., we have handled hundreds of short sale negotiations and closings.

            We will work with you, your realtor, and your lender to get the short sale approved and negotiate your obligations following the sale.

            Real Estate Development and Associations

            At Salter Feiber, P.A., we also represent real estate developers in their acquisition of property and development of associations and restrictive covenants. After the development has been completed, our firm represents boards of directors for 爱心彩票网客户端下载owners and condominium associations. We assist clients with the following matters:

            • Analysis and Review of Restrictive Covenants
            • Advice on Covenant Violations
            • Preparation of Declaration of Covenants Documents
            • Condominium Association Start-Ups
            • Drafting of Association Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
            • Association Articles of Incorporation

            Condominium Conversions

            Our attorneys work statewide with clients who want to convert rental properties into condominiums. We assist with state and county filings, guiding you through the process with the assurance that comes from experience.

            Drafting Leases

            We understand that rental property is one of your most important investments and it’s important that you protect that investment and your legal rights. It is imperative that you have a lease agreement drafted that will protect your legal rights and the value of your property.

            Many landlords don’t realize they have poor leases until a problem arises. Does your lease address who will be responsible in the event of an insect infestation? What happens if your tenant moves out and leaves property and then tries to make a claim against you? Do you have proper protections to ensure you’ll be able to collect against a deadbeat tenant? We can review your existing documents, discuss your situation and customize any residential or business lease to fit your needs.

            James D. Salter, Denise L. Hutson, David E. Menet

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